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    We’ve been getting a decent amount of e-mails from you guys asking if there’s a difference in Skin Care routines during the colder months of the year. As long as you are following our “Simple Pleasure Skincare” routine, you shouldn’t need to be worried. For the rest of you, cold weather does bring a few factors that can affect your skin, and you might already be noticing it.

    Humidity and it’s part in our Skin Care.

    For those of us in humid environments, 30 – 60%, the dampness in the air helps your skin retain moisture. Most notice that their redness and itching will go away when in these environments. Higher humidity levels will cause us to sweat, which can affect our skin through break-outs. Lower levels of humidity, our skin starts to lose the assistance in moisture, thus making it dry, scaly, or cracked if not taken care of correctly. If you suffer from a condition like Eczema, you may also experience flare-ups during colder months.

    “What can I do to maintain great skin?”

    Well, here are a few tips I can give you that work for me:

    • Going out in the cold?
      • Bundle! Cover up as much as you can. Cold winds bring serious harm to our skins. Think about how dry your lips become during these times. Your lips aren’t that much different from the skin elsewhere around your body! Wear Gloves, Scarves, Long sleeves, and whatever else you can wear to keep the winds from hitting your skin directly.
    • Stay away from long hot showers/baths!
      • I know.. It’s fantastic to take a long, hot shower/bath when it is cold outside. The only issue: these will remove more moisture from your skin! They feel great, but cause more harm than good to our skin. Try to keep your showers short, if hot, or keep the temperature of the water as low as you can.
    • Add moisture back into your skin!
      • Every day, apply a good moisturizer to your skin, like our Hydra+ CBD Moisturizer or our Whipped Body Butter +CBD.
      • Some areas of your body may be drier than others. Don’t worry! These areas just require a bit more care than others do. Apply moisturizer as needed until you notice the dryness disappearing.
    • Heaters can also cause our skin to dry out!
      • A humidifier will help during these months. You want to maintain the humidity levels in your room to about 30 to 50 percent. The extra humidity will help moisturize your skin while you are inside.


    While Cold Weather can damage our skin, proper maintenance, like our “Simple Pleasure Skincare” routine, will help your skin to look its best all year round, no matter the level of humidity. We hope this blog was informative and even helped you in some way.

    Do you know something we didn’t mention yet?

    Let us know in the comments below, and we might even add them to the blog! We love hearing what works best for you. Who knows. It could help someone else reading this!


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