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    We are not sure exactly where to start with this update. You can say our plans for 2020 have not gone exactly to plan. In a previous post, we detailed some of the updates that we were hoping to roll out in 2020. Well, no one expected what was to come at the start of 2020. We wanted to release another post detailing a bit more information on our progress and the future of Tanta Clinica.

    New Design & Packaging:

    At the end of 2019, we had teased our new design for labels and packaging with the hope of launching at the start of 2020. Our suppliers have shut down since the beginning of the year due to Chinese New Year and now COVID-19. Without an eta from our original supplier, we had turned to local companies to help alleviate some of the new design updates until our original supplier reopens. We are grateful to the companies that have stepped up even during trying times to help move forward with our latest designs. We have been able to push our new design into our first round of production and will significantly improve when the business reopens all around the world.

    Product Availability:

    While we are still short on many of our supplies, we have been able to reach out to various companies to locate products here within the USA. Certain products will remain in short supply due to one of the largest suppliers of peptides in the world resides in Italy, but are happy to announce our products are now back in stock. If anything changes a notice will be sent out.

    Shipping Status:

    With the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have switched from a next day dispatch of orders to a once a week dispatch. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, but safety for our staff is the number one priority. All products leaving our facility will be sanitized for your protection and the safety of our team.

    Board Spectrum CBD:

    One of the goals for 2020 was to announce our newest line of advanced skincare, which includes Board Spectrum CBD. As the CBD industry marches on to the beat of board spectrum CBD, we are happy to move along with it. Our advance, which was to launch early 2020, will be postponed to quarter 3-4 of 2020.

    Our Simple Pleasures line of skincare was created with specific needs in mind. It may come as a surprise, but board spectrum CBD isn’t the best choice for everyone, and we will continue to include Pure CBD with no THC, terpenes, or added plant materials in our Simple Pleasures lineup. Our Simple Pleasures line is perfect for anyone who may have allergic reactions to board or full-spectrum CBD products. No THC for anyone who continually tested for work or other reasons. Last but not least, our simple pleasures line will always be the most affordable way to get into CBD skincare.

    To wrap up we are still pushing through the pandemic and will be here to help you fall in love with your skin again. This will pass and well be back to normal soon.


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